Features of weld fittings and metal seal fittings

We provide the TBW(Tube Butt Weld) type of configuration for the welding section on fittings.

This is the optimal configuration for butt welding using an automatic TIG welding machine, used in recent yeas for ultra high purity piping.

  • End of welding section

    A special polishing method is used to give a smooth surface and there is no beveling of
    the internal and external walls.

  • Internal and External diameter tolerance

    Thanks to precision machining and thorough quality control, we provide products with extremely stable accuracy in terms of metal thickness and roundness.

Features of PRIMET tube

This tube meets the requirements for ultra high purity gas supply lines such as cleanliness, improved corrosion resistance, internal smoothness(following data) and reduced gas and particle emission from the metal.

Guaranteed level of internal roughness(Case by EP)

3.18mm≦OD≦12.70mm:≦Rmax 0.5μm Ave.
12.70mm≦OD≦25.40mm:≦Rmax 0.7μm Ave.

Internal roughness statistics(After EP)