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Product groups with the excellent material properties of the Primet Japan, semiconductor manufacturing, factory Brandt, solar panel manufacturing, space development, has been used in various fields such as the medical field.


Primet is the coined word of "prime" and "metal". This material has the excellent material character.


The quantum leap of dry down performance.
The forming of the stable super flat and smooth metal surface of this metal carries the quantum leap of dry down (drying time) performance.


The excellent corrosion resistance performance
The selective accuracy product engineering of chemical components, nonmetallic inclusions and oxide film surface achieve the excellent corrosion resistance performance.


Achieving the high purity weldability and stable welding quality.
Reducing the chemical components which cause welding problem and controlling strictly the main chemical components reach the high purity weldability and stable welding quality.

More Excellent

The excellent internal roughness
The excellent electro-polishing engineering enables very smooth polished surface.