Vacuum Generator

Primet Vacuum generator PVG series can be used for purge process to remove residual gas or CDA in the piping of cylinder cabinet. And there is advantage to be attenuated gas from the vent side by driver gas (Nitrogen or CDA).

Model specifications for the order request.


Continuos Nitrogen or CDA supply from Inlet of PVG series make vacuum condition at Vacuum, then gas from Vacuum can be discharged to Vent. Scrubber unit should be required depending on the type of gas


Inlet Vent Vacuum Attainable Vacuum Press. N2 Supply Pressure Suction Max. Working Pressure Available Operating Temperature
1/4″ 3/8″ 1/4″ ≦-93.3KPa
0.49MPa(G) 26L/min
1MPa(G) 0~150℃


Part name Material
Body SUS316L
Nozzle SUS316L

Forms and Dimensions

※Specification are subjected to change without prior notice.