"Monozukuri" corresponds to the making the best use of change the characteristic

Thank you very much for using the PRIMET product.
PRIMET JAPAN CO.,LTD. was established as 100% subsidiary company of Daido Steel CO.,LTD. in December, 1995, and a present business was separated and restarted in October, 2009. Meanwhile, it has made an effort to the stable supply of the PRIMET product of the high degree of cleanliness that the customer requests.
In the future, we will be devoted to "Monozukuri" that makes the best use of the characteristic by using a super clean seamless stainless steel (PRIMET) by the vacuum double melt, and will promptly supply a high-quality product to the manufacturing device industries such as the semiconductor, FPD, and PV.
Thank you for your support.

株式会社プライメットジャパン社長 野中 薫
December 1st, 2010
Kaoru Nonaka / President